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For information about becoming an exhibitor, download our information sheet.

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Briefly describe who designs your product, who makes your product, what materials are used and what sustainable/ethical production methods are used.

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Stand size:
* 4x4m stands located near the main entrance are recessed with an overhead wooden beam (100mm x 200mm) through the centre of the stand at a height of 2m. (Refer to the illustration below).
To discuss this stand type further contact:

There are only a limited number of each stand size available, in case your prefered stand size is not available would you be happy to book a stand that is:

One size larger
One size smaller
This stand size only
Any stand size available
$10 million
Public Liability Insurance:
Public Liability Insurance is compulsory. If you have your own insurance, a copy of your certificate of currency (valid at the time of the event) must be supplied.
Includes a 10amp power supply to your stand, plus testing and tagging of up to 10 electrical items.
Special requests*
* Special requests regarding stand location will be taken into consideration
but cannot always be accommodated.

Terms & conditions (if accepted)

DEPOSIT (non-refundable):
Successful applicants will be invoiced on Friday 15 September 2017.
A non-refundable deposit of 10% is payable within 14 days (by 29 September 2017) to secure your stand.

• Successful applicants will be invoiced 30% of their total stand cost on 15 January 2018, payable within 14 days.
• 60% balance invoices will be issued to successful applicants on 2 April 2018, payable within 14 days.

• Cancellation up until 15 January 2018 will incur a 10% cancellation fee.
• Cancellation between 15 January and 2 July 2018 will incur a 25% cancellation fee.
• Cancellation within 30 to 14 days prior to the event will incur a 100% charge unless the stand can be filled, in which case a 25% fee will be charged.
• Cancellation less than 14 days prior to the event will incur a 100% charge, regardless of whether the stand can be filled or not.


• All exhibitors must have their own public liability insurance for the event. This can be arranged through The Big Design Trade or independently with a copy of your certificate of currency forwarded to The Big Design Trade by the date specified.

• Exhibitors must be set up and ready to trade by 9.45am each day.

• Product and displays must not exceed 2.4m high along backing walls and 1.5m high along the sides of stands. If any exhibitor exceeds these height limitations they will be required to remove or resize the oversized items to fit the correct specifications before being permitted to exhibit. Exhibitors who fail to comply will not be permitted to exhibit and will not receive a refund.

• Displays must allow access for staff to enter and exit via the front side of their stand. Side access is not guaranteed, for example you may be located within a row of stands with neighbours either side of you.

• Exhibitors leaving excess rubbish at the venue will be invoiced for its removal. Rubbish removal fee: $300 per cubic metre or part thereof.

• The Big Design Trade is not responsible for breakages or damages of any product or display or personal belongings brought to the venue.

• Exhibitors will take due care to prevent injury and property damage. Care must be taken to minimise the risk of damage to the venue during bump-in and bump-out. Damages must be paid for by the person responsible.

 I/we agree to The Big Design Trade's terms and conditions above.
(Please tick) Please note if you do not agree with these terms and conditions your application will not submit.

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