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$10 Million
Public Liability Insurance:
Public Liability Insurance is compulsory. If you have your own insurance, a copy of your certificate of currency (valid at the time of the event) must be supplied.
Includes a 10amp power supply to your stand, plus testing and tagging of up to 10 electrical items.
Freight: A cost effective return freight service will be available from the Melbourne event to the Sydney event and back to Melbourne. We aim to also offer a return service for Sydney based stallholders to the Melbourne event if we have enough interest from stallholders. Freight bookings will open at a later date. To discuss freight options prior to applying, email
Extras: Tables 1.8m x .75m: $30+gst each. Quantity required: 
  White table cloths: $20+gst each. Quantity required: 
  Clothing racks 1.65m(w) x 1.5m(h): $50+gst each. Quantity required: 
  Chairs: $15+gst each. Quantity required: 

Special requests*
* Special requests regarding stall location will be taken into consideration
but cannot always be accommodated.

Terms & conditions (if accepted)

Successful applicants will be invoiced on Monday 16 April 2018. A non-refundable 25% deposit is payable within 14 days, on Monday 30 April 2018, to secure your stall. Payment can be made via EFT, credit card or cheque (details will be included on your tax invoice). The balance will be invoiced on Tuesday 7 August 2018 with a payment term of 14 days.

• Cancellation more than 30 days prior to the event will incur a 25% charge. 
• Cancellation less than 30 days before the event will incur a 100% charge unless the stand can be filled, in which case a 25% fee will be charged. 
• NO refund or partial refund is available for cancellations less than 14 days, regardless of whether the stand can be filled or not.

$10 million public liability insurance is compulsory. If you have your own insurance, a copy of your certificate of currency, valid at the time of the event, must be supplied with your payment. Please forward a copy of your insurance certificate of currency to

If you do not have public liability insurance you can purchase it for this event through The Big Design Market (3 days cover $80.00 + GST).

Product and displays must not exceed 2.18m(h) along backing walls and 1.5m(h) in all other parts of the stand. If any stallholder exceeds these height limitations they will be required to remove or resize the oversized items to fit the correct specifications before being permitted to trade. Stallholders who fail to comply will not be permitted to trade and will not receive a refund.
Any display materials/products attached to the backing wall must not exceed 10kg. The backing wall cannot be used as a load-bearing device or as a support structure.

Stallholders must not trade outside their stall boundary; this includes placing additional furniture, displays or products outside your stall footprint as well as staff standing in the aisles to serve customers. Stallholders who fail to comply will not be permitted to trade and will not receive a refund.

Displays must allow access for staff to enter and exit via the front side of their stall. Side access is not guaranteed, for example you may be located within a row of stalls with neighbours either side of you. Stallholders must present their stalls to a high standard and be set up and ready to trade by 10.00am each day. Stallholders must not pack up or leave before 8pm on Friday, 7pm on Saturday and 5pm on Sunday.

Any new products/product lines introduced after applications have been assessed must be submitted to The Big Design Market for approval prior to the event. The Big Design Market reserve the right to refuse the addition of new products to be sold at the event if the product does not comply with their curatorial requirements.

Stand space cannot be sub-leased to third parties. Only branding for the stallholder accepted and product lines approved by The Big Design Market prior to the event may be displayed. The Big Design Market has the right to revoke stand space if exhibitors do not comply.

The Big Design Market will curate the floorplan layout how they feel is best for the event. By accepting a stall in the form of paying a deposit you agree to be positioned anywhere within the venue. Stall location requests will be accepted but there is no guarantee that they will be granted.

The Big Design Market is not responsible for breakages or damages of any products, displays, or personal belongings brought to the venue. Stallholders will need to take due care to prevent injury and property damage.

Due to the layout of the Royal Hall of Industries a small number of stalls will include a venue column. Columns are white and measure roughly 600mm x 600mm. The decision of which stalls are allocated with a column is at the discretion of The Big Design Market. If allocated a stall with a column those stallholders will be given an additional 1m(w) x 2m(d) of floorspace free of charge, the column will sit within that space, you will not lose any of the floorspace that you have paid for. Stallholders with a column in their stand will be notified 3 weeks prior to the event so that they can plan their stall build accordingly. If you have a pre-existing stand build that cannot be modified please include this in the 'Special Requirements' section of your application.

I/we agree to The Big Design Market's terms and conditions above. (Please tick) Please note if you do not agree with these terms and conditions your application will not submit.

Once you have submitted this form you will be re-directed to a confirmation page. If you are not redirected to the confirmation page, please revise your application details and re-submit the form. If you need help submitting this form, please contact us.

Please review your details then select submit to lodge your application. (Please note, you must enter information or N/A into all fields or your application will not submit.) Thank you!